Unknown B-17

August 1944. It was a mission to destroy valuable German fuel supplies, oil depots and rafineries. The B-17G in natural, shiny metal finish, flying in formation, had already passed the first turning point. They were on a direct path towards the target. there was a thick undercast between 5,000 and 20,000 feet affording good cover from enemy flak guns. The Luftwaffe defended their oil supplies tenaciously and it was not lon before the formation was spotted. the bomber escort peeled away and engaged the German fighters but some of the bandits got through and swept across the formation. The B-17G, the third plane of the first element in the first wave was hit. Thick, white smoke poured out of number two engine. the captain turned away from the target, unable to maintain height. He scanned the countryside as the plane broke out ouf the cloud, and breathed a sight of relief when he saw open flat countryside. He performed a perfect crash landing. All the crew were arrested, the four officers sent to Stalag Luft III and the six other crewmembers to Stalag Luft IV.