Memphis Belle - The Movie (1990)

Memphis Belle Movie - Title

Airmen of all nations often gave her aircraft names of her friends. As famous as Miss Margaret Polk, this one became beautiful from Memphis after which his B-17 has Captain Robert Morgan called Memphis Belle but the adored hardly anyone. In a film about her and her crew the old mills fly again, too.

The fame the B-17F Memphis Belle is due to the fact that she was the first Flying Fortress of the U.S. 8th Air Force which could end her 25th mission over occupied Europe without losses. The crew flew back after this to the United States and attracted there with hers legendary DF-A s/n #41-24485, and the morals of the Americans were fortifying for the drawing of war loans. The last mission of the Memphis Belle is the topic of the film. The target on May 17th, 1943 was called Lorient in France. In the Mmovie it's Bremen, target: Focke-Wulf aircraft plants.

Minutioes and detail-faithfully we experience the start preparation also, life-genuinly filmed. We become acquainted with the B-17 as exactly as we it probably still never seeing, feel nearly the physical tightness for the on-board contactors of the ball tower under the fuselage or cold weather in the machine, which pulled by the open side windows into all corners. Tightening the Flak west, drawing the steel helmets up for the moment the overflight of occupied German areas, the trouble with the breathing masks and the parachutes, the tension, when the first anti-aircraft shells exploded or the first interceptor fighters emerged - in each of these procedures one is merged imperceptibly with.

As grippingly as the last hours is captured on board of Memphis Belle, this film so miserably shows the uses of the accompany and interceptors. Had succeeded bringing 5 from still approximately 100 still flying Mustangs to England where the film was produced. Flown by her owners the whole was a giant fun for this one. They represented the accompanying fighters, this one splendidly newly paints everyone, the attacking Messerschmitts should offer.

Three Spanish reproductions of the ME 109, all by the inserted Rolls-Royce engine leidern no longer so original-faithfully looking, could be found likewise. Also they were again painted - partly with knight cross and firing balance at the tail unit - nevertheless by all that are in the film hardly which to be seen.