Memphis Belle - Crew

Die Crew der Memphis Belle -

The crew of the "Memphis Belle" after their 25th and last mission (L-R):
Harold P. Loch; Cecil H. Scott; Robert Hanson; James Verinis; Robert K. Morgan; Charles B. Leighton; John P. Quinlan; Casimer A "Tony" Nastal; Vincent Evans; Clarence E. "Bill" Winchell

Pilot - Col. Robert K. Morgan

Then Capt. Morgan was 24 years of age when in command of the Memphis Belle. After reaching the rank of Lt. Col., he led the very first B-29 formation over Tokyo. Lives in Ashvielle, NC.
Died - May 15th 2004

Copilot - Lt. Col. James A. Verinis

From Woodbrigde, CT. Verinis als piloted his own B-17 named "The Connecticut Yankee". Jim was the crew member who purchased the crew's mascot: A Scottish-Terrier named "Stuka"
Died - March 3rd 2003

Navigator - Charles B. Leighton

From Flint Michigan, he retired as a teacher and conselor. He saved the Belle and more B-17's after identifying false German radio beacons designed to lure unwary B-17s into harms way.
Died - 1991

Bombardier - Vince Evans

Hollywood writer for Bogart, freind of Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, June Allyson. Restaurant operator, race car driver. Completed 2dn tour of duty aboard B-29 with Morgan in the Pacific. Died in 1980's by an aircraft crash.

The First Engineer/Top Turret Gunner - Leviticus "Levy" Dillon

Transferred to 306th BG after flying raids 1,2,3 & 5 aboard the Belle. On mission 3, he was shot in the leg and bandaged by Fred Astaire's sister. He never reported the injury.
Died - 1998

The Second Engineer/Top Turret Gunner - Eugene Adkins

From Johnson City, TN. He flew on the 4th and on missions 6-10. Suffered severe frostbite on #10. Retired rank of Major. Gunnery Specialist on B-17's, B-29'S, B-36's, and B-50's.
Died - 1995

The Third Engineer/Top Turret Gunner - Harold P. Loch

From Green Bay, WI. His first raid aboard the Belle was 14 Feb. 1943 to Hamm, Germany. A former building contractor and records regristar today he is active in real estate.