Technical Specifications


Manufacturer: Boeing Airplane Company, Douglas and Lookheed Vega (Both under license)

Crew: 10

Powerplant: 4x Wright Cyclone GR-1820-97 nine cylinder radial engines with General Electric B-22 waste gas turbochargers with 1,200 hp start performance and 1,380 hp emergency-combat-management in 26,700 feet of altitude. Cylinder drilling: 155.6 mm; Piston stroke: 174 mm;
Cubic capacity: 29.88 liters.

Performance: Top speed: 462 km/h in 7620 m height; Cruising speed: 293 km/h; Celling: 10.850 m; Range with a bomb load of 2722 kg: 3219 km.

Weight: empty weight: 16.391 kg; Gross weight: 29.710 kg

Measurements: Wing span: 31,62 m; Length: 22,78 m; Height: 5,82 m; Wing face: 131,92 m

Armament: 13 x .50 calibre machine guns. Maximum bomb load: 7983 kg